Yagi & Co Launches Cotton iD System for Enhanced Organic Cotton Traceability

Yagi & Co’s Cotton iD system aims to revolutionize organic cotton traceability, offering consistent and transparent management for the industry.

Yagi & Co has introduced its proprietary system, Cotton iD, aimed at revolutionizing the traceability of organic cotton. The system set to provide consistent and transparent traceability management for cotton. In addition, it encompasses the entire journey from the cotton field to the yarn production stage. It accomplishes this by bridging the gap between international certifications, particularly those associated with organic cotton production in India, which stands as the largest global producer of cotton.

Navigating Dual Certification Standards for Organic Cotton in India

The complexity of managing traceability for organic cotton has long been a significant challenge. Organic cotton in India has been subject to two distinct certification processes, one for pre-ginning procedures and another for the ginning process, which involves separating the cotton fibers from the seeds within harvested cotton bolls. These dual certification standards have created inconsistencies and complications, leaving room for large-scale fraud in the cotton industry in India.

Yagi & Co’s Cotton iD system effectively addresses this issue by offering transparent traceability management for a remarkable 85% or more of the cotton they handle, ensuring a seamless transition from the cotton field to the final thread production. The company, a proud member of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) since 2006 and a key player in Japan’s cotton industry, markets its products under the Unito Organic brand. This includes an extensive range of cotton-based items, from yarn and textiles to finished garments. Moreover, Yagi & Co extends the option for customers to obtain certifications of the management system when purchasing applicable cotton products from their portfolio.

Strengthening Cotton Initiatives and Commitment to Transparency

Complementing their organic cotton initiatives, Yagi & Co boasts a subsidiary, Tsubame Towel, which is renowned for producing the largest volume of cotton towels in Japan. Additionally, they partner with Yamaya Orimono Co., Ltd., a specialist in yarn processing, also holding GOTS certification. These collaborations not only enhance the company’s footprint in the industry but are instrumental in their efforts to support Indian cotton farmers in transitioning to organic farming. As part of their sustainability framework for cotton, Yagi & Co is also committed to providing educational support to the children of these farmers, underlining the integral role cotton plays within the company’s broader mission.

In the words of Yamaya Orimono Co., Ltd., “We are acutely aware of the imperative need for traceability management that prioritizes transparency, a crucial factor in the textile industry. With the support of our spinning mill, we aim to fortify our management system, ensuring the delivery of safer and more reliable organic cotton to countries worldwide as we advance our sustainable business goals.” Yagi & Co’s Cotton iD system is a testament to their unwavering commitment to enhancing the integrity and transparency of cotton production, securing a brighter and more sustainable future for the global textile industry.

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