Valdese Weavers and Recover™ Pioneering Sustainable Fabrics in the Home Textile Industry

Valdese Weavers partners with global recycled cotton fiber producer Recover to spearhead sustainable fabrics in the home textile industry.

Valdese Weavers, the leading producer of decorative textiles in the United States for residential and contract markets, has partnered with global recycled cotton fiber producer, Recover™, to transform the home textile industry. The two innovative textile leaders, both at different stages of the supply chain, intend to capitalize on their combined expertise to drive the use of sustainable materials in the industry.

Valdese Weavers’ Commitment to Sustainability Through Innovative Partnerships

Valdese Weavers has more than 100 years of textile experience and works with a full range of furniture manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to deliver unparalleled design through their vertical manufacturing facilities. The company understands the importance of choosing responsible raw materials and already offers a collection of environmentally conscious products. By partnering with Recover, they can offer the highest-quality decorative fabrics made with RCS/GRS verified Recover™ recycled fiber and help brands and retailers reduce the environmental impact caused by virgin raw material production.

Blake Millinor, President of Valdese Weavers, expressed pride in the partnership with Recover as a natural fiber platform catering to customers seeking sustainable fabrics. Recover complements their existing sustainable product range by contributing to a more circular material solution. The collaboration with the Recover team is anticipated to not only share this unique story but also foster the development of more responsible textile solutions for Valdese Weaver’s customers.

Strategic Partnerships Propel to Sustainable Fabrics in the Industry.

Recover has perfected the art and science of scaled production of recycled cotton fiber over more than 75 years. Today, the company is supported by leading institutional investors including STORY3 Capital, Goldman Sachs, Fortress Investment Group, and Eldridge Industries. Its recycled cotton fiber is fundamentally transforming the textile industry. It’s making significant environmental savings compared to virgin and organic cotton. It’s also one of the most sought-after fibers in the recycled materials space. The integration of Recover fiber into Valdese Weaver’s product lines enables the textile mill to remain frontrunners in delivering sustainable and innovative fabrics and accelerate the production of low-impact products such as sofas, cushions, and curtains.

Alfredo Ferre, CEO at Recover™, expressed excitement about collaborating with Valdese Weavers. The expansion of their products into the home textile segment aligns with its expertise in producing low-impact and high-quality recycled fibers. It contributes to to shared goals of minimizing environmental impact on natural resources.

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