UBQ Materials Releases New Bio-Based Innovations Revolutionizing Sustainable Materials

UBQ Materials has introduced a groundbreaking portfolio of sustainable materials products aimed at reconciling profitability with eco-conscious practices.

UBQ Materials has unveiled an innovative portfolio of sustainability products to bridge the gap between profitability and eco-conscious practices. This collection encompasses three bio-based material replacements, sustainability additives, and two modifiers. These provide a diverse range of solutions tailored to address specific sustainability objectives.

Driven by UBQ Materials’ globally patented waste-to-materials approach, these newly introduced product lines aim to overcome the age-old challenge of harmonizing sustainability with product performance. Patricia Mishic O’Brien, Chief Commercial Officer of UBQ Materials, emphasized the profound impact of UBQ’s offerings in achieving carbon-negative status, presenting a win-win scenario for sustainability and business success.

UBQ Materials’ Bio-Based Solutions for Circular, Low-Carbon Footprint

The comprehensive product portfolio comprises three distinctive bio-based sustainability additives and material replacements. They craft each material to address various sustainability needs, including circularity, recyclability, low-carbon footprint, and climate-positivity. This marks a significant leap forward in environmentally conscious material development.

Leading the lineup is UBQ ClimaPos, a bio-based, climate-positive sustainability additive designed to facilitate greenhouse gas removal and avoidance. With as little as a 5% load of UBQ ClimaPos, companies can achieve carbon neutrality. The additive has already demonstrated its effectiveness in diverse applications such as planters, pet carriers, transport boxes, and window profiles.

The UBQ Q Series, the second offering, serves as the latest evolution of the company’s proven standard material replacement. Functioning as a one-to-one material swap compatible with most polymers, the Q Series finds application across industries like automotive, building and construction, logistics, and supply chain management, making it a versatile solution for businesses seeking sustainable materials without compromising performance.

UBQ Materials’ Trailblazing Solutions for Sustainable Materials

For operational functionality, UBQ Industrial emerges as a cost-effective material choice, designed for high-value functions and reliability. Its applications range from shipping pallets in logistics to bitumen roofing and building infrastructure.

Supplementing these primary formulations, UBQ Materials introduces UBQ Nclozur, a sustainability modifier formulated for odor mitigation, and UBQ Impact, an enhancer seamlessly blending with various polymer matrices to bring climate-positive circularity to applications such as decking, office furniture, and car-door mirrors.

Gil Felus, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Innovation Officer of UBQ Materials, emphasized the collaborative effort with customers through trials and application development, stating, “With this, sustainability to profitability becomes a simple equation.” The launch of this innovative portfolio signifies a significant stride toward circular manufacturing practices, simplifying the journey for businesses to integrate sustainable materials into their operations.

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