Teijin Frontier Breaks New Ground with Polyester-Infused Microft MX Fabric for Outdoor Apparel

Teijin Frontier unveils Microft MX, a revolutionary fabric seamlessly blending polyester and nylon filaments, poised to redefine the outdoor apparel industry with its groundbreaking fusion of unique properties.

Teijin Frontier, the innovative fibers and products converting arm of the Teijin Group, has recently unveiled its groundbreaking material, Microft MX, a fusion of polyester and nylon filaments crafted for sports and outdoor wear. This revolutionary fabric seamlessly blends the unique properties of polyester and nylon to create a high-performance textile that is set to redefine the outdoor apparel industry.

Microft MX represents a harmonious fusion of the distinctive textures and functionalities inherent in both polyester and nylon. Teijin Frontier emphasizes that the fabric excels in abrasion resistance and color development, inheriting the robust characteristics of nylon, while also boasting the water absorption, quick-drying properties, and shape stability typically associated with polyester.

Innovative Fabric Construction Using Polyester

Crafted from a specially designed highly-deformed cross-section multifilament yarn, Microft MX achieves its unique qualities through the amalgamation of dozens of single yarns into a single strand. The V-shaped highly-deformed cross-section adds bulkiness and a soft, spun-like texture to the fabric.

At the core of Microft MX’s innovation lies a proprietary spinning technology. It enables the composition of single filaments of polyester and nylon. The resulting blend of these evenly distributed filaments not only enhances the fabric’s aesthetic appeal. It also contributes to the production of deep, rich colors. The material itself exhibits a finely woven chambray appearance. It showcases the differential dyeing effects of its two components and presenting an optimally woven or knitted structure.

Teijin Frontier Pioneers Microft MX for Versatile Applications

Teijin Frontier envisions a broad range of applications for Microft MX beyond outdoor wear. They’ve extended it to functional innerwear and fashion clothing. The company plans to introduce this fabric in its upcoming 2025 spring and summer outdoor clothing and sportswear collection. It has a sales target of 500,000m annually by 2026.

Teijin Frontier highlights the challenge of integrating polyester properties into a single material. With Microft MX, the company signals its commitment to overcoming this challenge and redefining industry standards.

Teijin Cordley, under the Teijin Frontier Group, announced plans in August to spearhead Japan’s inaugural initiative to recycle release paper in artificial leather production, showcasing the group’s commitment to sustainable and innovative practices with a focus on polyester-based materials.

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