Start-Up Ambercycle Pioneers Sustainable Polyester Recycling

US start-up Ambercycle emerged from their shared concern about the impact of polyester recycling during their senior year at UC Davis. Check the labels on your clothes, and you’ll likely discover a common thread: polyester. From workout shirts and stretchy jeans to pantsuits and underwear, this synthetic fiber, derived from fossil fuels, dominates our wardrobes. […]

How Designer Jianhui Yanis Crafting Eco-Chic Styles with Sustainable Fabrics

Yan prioritizes repurposing discarded and leftover materials from workshops and factories to prevent environmental harm, enabling sustainable fabrics in fashion. In today’s world, sustainability is a critical issue that extends far beyond the usual suspects. While we often think of fashion as an industry focused on style and trends, the clothing we wear carries a […]

Could Recycled Polyester Become Fashionable?

Textile manufacturers are developing advanced methods to include recycled polyester, with increasing investment and interest from major fashion brands. Polyester, a ubiquitous material in today’s fashion industry, graces both cheap and designer clothing. However, a staggering 85% of discarded polyester clothing ends up in landfills or is incinerated, leaving a significant environmental footprint. Surprisingly, few […]