Precision Textiles Forges New Groundbreaking Partnership with REPREVE® Recycled Polyester

Precision Textiles pioneers eco-friendly innovation by partnering with Unifi, Inc., utilizing REPREVE®’s recycled polyester fiber in the production of bedding components, making them the first in the industry to adopt this sustainable approach.

Precision Textiles has recently forged a groundbreaking partnership with Unifi, Inc., the creator of REPREVE® recycled performance fiber, to integrate the use of recycled polyester yarn in the production of all its filler cloth products. This collaboration positions Precision Textiles as a trailblazer. It’s the first bedding component manufacturer to incorporate REPREVE® recycled performance fiber into its nonwoven offerings.

How REPREVE® Transforms Recycled Polyester into Eco-Friendly Fiber

REPREVE® stands as a leading brand in recycled polyester fiber, effectively addressing the escalating concerns regarding plastic waste. REPREVE® offers an environmentally conscious alternative to virgin fibers. It repurposes discarded plastic bottles that would otherwise contribute to landfills or oceans. The recycled polyester fiber has been proven to diminish climate change potential, mitigating carbon emissions associated with the production of new materials. This information was conveyed by Unifi, Inc. in a statement referenced by Precision Textiles in a press release shared with Sleep Retailer Today.

Gerry Welkley, the national sales manager at Precision Textiles, expressed pride in the company’s pioneering use of REPREVE® recycled performance fiber in their FR nonwoven components. He emphasized that this technology is now being introduced to the mattress sector.

Precision Textiles’ Commitment to Environmental Impact Reduction

In an effort to contribute to sustainability, every 100-yard roll of Precision Textiles’ ENDURE IFR and ADVANTAGE SB non-woven products will feature REPREVE® recycled performance fiber, derived from a commendable 228 recycled water bottles. This initiative is poised to eliminate over 20 million plastic water bottles from waste streams annually.

Bob O’Connell, the executive vice president of marketing and merchandising at Precision Textiles, highlighted the ongoing demand from customers for sustainable solutions. The partnership with REPREVE® allows Precision Textiles to address this demand. It provides customers with an opportunity to actively participate in eco-friendly initiatives and contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing process.

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