Lands’ End Wraps up 30 Years of Supima Cotton

Lands’ End debuted its first Supima cotton towel in 1991, evolving over two decades into a vital success with 270+ items in home and apparel since the 2006 addition of a sheeting collection.

In 1991, Lands’ End introduced its inaugural towel, crafted from premium Supima cotton. Two decades later, Supima’s programs evolved into the cornerstone of the retailer’s success.

In 2006, Lands’ End expanded its Supima offerings, introducing a companion sheeting collection. Today, the Supima programs encompass more than 270 individual items. They span the entire spectrum of home and apparel offerings.

Customer-Approved Excellence

According to Kym Maas, Senior Vice President at Lands’ End, the Supima programs have become among the retailer’s best-selling, with the customer casting the decisive vote in favor of the superior quality. The brand’s positioning focuses on Supima as sourced, American-grown cotton, farmed with an emphasis on minimizing environmental impact through water and soil management practices.

Lands’ End emphasizes the exceptional characteristics of Supima cotton, noting that it feels smoother and lasts longer than other cotton varieties. This can be attributed to the longer-length Supima cotton fibers, resulting in stronger and softer products.

A Critical Position in Lands’ End Assortment

The strategic placement of Supima cotton within Lands’ End’s assortment is integral to its success. Maas highlights that Supima is not just a fabric choice but the core fabric of the brand’s knits and home collections, underlining a commitment to quality over pricing.

The Extensive Supima Assortment

From towels to sheets and apparel, Lands’ End’s Supima offerings cater to diverse preferences. Towels in the Supima program range from $6 on sale to $35 at regular prices. They feature an array of solids, textures, and jacquards. Sheets, available individually or in sets, encompass sateens, percales, and flannels, reaching up to 700 thread counts. They blend fabrics with Tencel for added versatility.

Season-Defying Appeal

Lands’ End’s Supima success extends beyond seasonal trends. The brand is committed to offering a variety of colors and choices. The Supima assortment allows customers to continually enhance their homes and wardrobes with enduring quality.

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